Sunday 16th Jun '19

Fathers Day – Morning workshop

Spend the morning with your family, Dad’s or Grandads in charge to create Dad’s/Grandads own tinder tin, flint and steel, paracord bracelet, char cloth and basically all the equipment you need to light a fires while your camping or out in the wilderness!

You will spend the morning making a nd creating to take home as a family;

  • Collect Tinder, Kindling, Fire wood.
  • Tinder Tin
  • Make your own Charlcloth
  • Paracord survival Braclets – flint and steel
  • Chocolate/biscuit marshmallow treat if you get your fire lit!
  • Hot tea over the fire!

Family of 5 people maximum per £45.00 booking.

Age: 0-99! We will be spening the time in the wood, lighting fires, making charcloth and paracord survival braclets.

Time: 10.30 – 12.30

Cost: £45 per family of 5

Wilderness Cafe will be offering ;

Breakfast – 9am – 11am

Family BBQ  – 11.30am – 2.30pm

Coffees, teas and CAKES 9am – 5pm

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