Wednesday 10th Apr '19

Easter Creations – Birds Nest Challenge

This workshop is being run by Lucy of Lucy’s Little Forest School.

Spring is the time for many birds to build a nest, ready for egg laying and bringing up their hatched chicks. Head into the wilderness and find a good location to listen to the story of the Rainbow Bird. Can you build a nest that could hold a clutch of eggs? withstand the wind? Look for materials from the woodland floor that you can use; dried grass, twigs, sticks and leaves Challenges may arise! Now find a low fork in a tree and build a nest. Hunt for rainbow bird eggs (chocolate) to place in your nest once complete! A lovely workshop for all the family!

Age: 3+ years, accompanying adult free (This activity will need parent and child to work together)

We will meet in the Cafe Tea Garden …..come dressed for the British weather!

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