Saturday 4th Aug '18

Stewards start a stone line in Bat Park

A line of stones has been laid across Bat Park in an effort to stop the thin dry soil being washed away before the proposed meadow develops.   Placing such lines of stones is a technique employed in areas of the world where dry weather can quickly give way to downpours which erode the soil .  The lines of stones slow down surface wash and trap soil.
If you would like to add your own stone to the line then please do. This will also remove unwanted stones from the meadow.
Please avoid disturbing the areas enclosed by poles and chicken wire. These have been set up as an experiment.
The proposed meadow will hopefully contribute to the High Weald AONB target to increase the flower rich acid lowland meadow which thrived due to traditional farming in the High Weald.
This may take some years to achieve….



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